The Club is a Hong Kong-based customer loyalty program offering a variety of experiences and special privileges. You can join for free, regardless of whether you are an HKT customer.

Members earn Clubpoints by spending1 on certain services from HKT lines of business, or with our merchant partners. Every HK$10 spent earns one Clubpoint. Once accumulated, Clubpoints can be redeemed for admission to events, as well as an array of products, services and privileges. These can include priority booking when buying concert tickets, special travel package offers, beverages and electronic gadgets.

Platinum member privilege

Concierge service offers our platinum members everyday convenience by making various arrangements on their behalf and granting priority when seeking to use one of our service center outlets. Simply call the Concierge hotline on 183 3000.

Corporate and business membership

Membership is also available to corporate and business customers served by HKT and 1O1O.

Register now for free to become a member of The Club.

1Every HK$10 of HKT eligible spend generates one Clubpoint. This means members automatically earn Clubpoints when settling recurring monthly HKT charges and service bills in respect of 1O1O, csl, NETVIGATOR, fixed-line service and eye3 (except eye3 LITE Service Plan), as well as now TV, MOOV and media offerings in association with an HKT service.

Please refer to the membership cards below to find out more about your tier benefits (click to compare benefits):

  • 2 Platinum - equivalent value of HK$2,500 per year *
  • 3 Gold - equivalent value of HK$950 per year *

  • (*) Remarks:
         •   For purchase of Gold or Platinum tier membership, please contact 183 3000
         •   Existing The Club member can enjoy a 10% discount of purchase for the tier membership upgrade to Gold or Platinum
         •   Upgrade purchase only applicable to existing HKT customers