Earn Clubpoints Faster by Adding Your Business Registration Certification

As a valued HKT/1O1O business customer, you can simply add one or more Business Registration Certificates (BRC) – subscribing to HKT/1O1O services – to a personal membership of The Club to earn more Clubpoints faster. In fact, you can earn up to 5,000 Clubpoints a year from any company spend on eligible HKT/1O1O services, then transfer Clubpoints free of charge to an individual membership. You may redeem an array of fabulous products or services from the Clubpoints.

Business owner can authorize one individual member to add their certificates to an individual membership of The Club by following a few steps: 
  1. Login “My Profile”
  2. Click “ADD BR NO.”
  3. Add BR number and HKT/1O1O Billing number and confirm submission

Register for The Club Membership Now
Add BR no. to your The Club Membership

- You can add one or more business registration under your membership.
- Each BR can be added to one individual account, please seek consent from BR owner.
- You can earn up to 5,000 Clubpoints from your HKT/1O1O service plan annually. These will not affect your membership tier. Clubpoints generated by business spending can combine with your personal Clubpoints.
- Terms and conditions apply for rewards redemption. Click to learn more.